Instructions to replace old formula field with new formula field

In the next version release the old formula field will be removed and therefore has to be replaced with the new formula field as soon as possible. 

Important Notes!

1. For any custom view or widget that uses the field as a either a column header or in a calculation you need to add the new formula field to the view or update in the widget.  

2. Make sure prior to removing the formula field you are aware of what the field is calculating. The old formula field only allows 2 inputs, the new one you can add as many as you want, it could be that our new formula field replaces several of the old formula fields. 


Go: Top menu >> Setup >> click the process that has a formula field in it >> Fields tab. 

1. Hover over the formula field and click Remove. *You do not have to archive the field as the new field will update across all forms. 

2. Drag and drop the new formula field in position and setup the formula (screenshots below).

3. Click Calculate formulas when done.

NOTE: Any formula field that you were using either as a column or a filter in a custom view has to be added to that view again.  

  • Name the field
  • To start setting up the formula click into the white square next to fx

  • Select the inputs from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the operators of the formula.
  • Click Finish when done.