You can build views on the customer page, item page, account page, agency page and get the information you are looking for by adding filters and selecting the columns (headers) that you want to see. 

The tutorial below will show how to create your own custom views. Please note that we've yet to update the video since some UI elements have changed, please read below the video for some updates we've made to the UI.

Some changes to the UI have been made since the video was released, listed below are some improvements we've made that will help you create custom views.

The design of the view drop down has changed as well as how the current views are listed once the drop down is selected. You'll notice a search bar which will help you find previous custom views you've created and named in the past. 

When adding column and filters RPM will no longer redirect you to a new page but rather a selector will appear on the right allowing you to add multiple columns and filters quickly, once selecting an option all the way though it will appear and the menu will send you back to the first set of options.

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