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An adjustment is a direct manipulation of the commission data and totals in RPM. An adjustment is a one-time charge that only affects the commission run it is done in. Adjustments are commonly used for situations such as: an upfront payment, a correction for previous month, a loan, a spiff or a chargeback. 

You can add an adjustment manually or if you have many you can also import adjustments.

Be aware that only a manager user is able to see an adjustment as an adjustment is given to an Agency rather than a Rep.

On the Latest run page click Adjustments.

Click +Add an adjustment


Supplier: select a supplier (optional), when you select a supplier 'Net billed and Gross commission' can be attributed

Agency: affect the commission of an agency independent of any supplier, customer or rep

Type: RPM comes with default types but you have the option to add, edit or trash Types

Net billed: add the Net billed (optional) 

Gross commission: add the Gross commission (optional)

Sales commission: this is the amount (positive or negative) you adjust the agency for. The pay plan does not affect this number. 

Notes for staff: notes visible to staff only 

Note: notes visible to agent users

Click OK when done.