A Yes/no list field can be used various ways, one of them as a checklist. 

1. Field: name the field

2. Width: span the field over 1 or 2 columns

3. Group: select field group

4. Value column labels: you can name the values anything

5. Value column order: order of the value display

6. Value column format: radio buttons (yes/no). When Checkbox is selected a check is Yes

7. Text column position: in between the yes/no options or when checkbox is selected you can select between values to have the checkbox first

8. Null column: option to rename the label and hide or show

9. Comments column: option to rename the label and hide or show. If comments column is set to Shown a sub option of Comment required is shown.

    9.a Comment required: option to make comments required if a certain option is chosen. 

10. Height: option to collapse the checklist and have a scroll bar or show full length

+ Add options: to add the questions of your checklist

+ Add labels: to categorize or create headers in your list

1. Example of Label

2. Example of Option

Result below as it shows in your process form.