Looking at the right side of the page, you will see your user name, which will be in place of the currently displayed, John CEO

Clicking your username, a drop down menu appears.




The Interface page provides the options to change the Date and time format, how many items (forms) are displayed per page, how Accounts and Rep ID’s are sorted, how Multi-select fields are displayed,and which Units are used within RPM Telco. 

Take note of the information regarding Units. The units chosen in preferences will be the units if you import/update forms via import. 

Edit Password

To change your password enter your current password. Enter a new password and then confirm it by re-typing in. Click OK when finished. 


Click on your username to view logon info, commitments, and get quick access to all processes your username is Referenced in, Participant in, and Owner of. 

View Trash


View trash will show all forms in the trash. Depending on your role's permission you may or may not be able to restore items from the trash. Contact your company's RPM Telco administrator if you need an item restored. 

Last View Download

Shows the last view you have downloaded. You can download it again if needed. 


This is the general RPM Telco print function. Where ever you are in RPM Telco, you can print your screen with this option.